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Mandello del Lario

Welcome to Mandello del Lario,

a town of 10.000 inhabitants spreads out on the eastern shore and is famous all over the world for being the Italian motorcycle Guzzi manufacturer.

The village has roman origins and has had a turbulent past that started in the Middle Ages as a fortified town and has always been in the middle between Milan and Como. From the 16th century it had almost a peaceful life and in the 19th century it developed an industry with twistings and spinning mills.

Low Mandello that extends along the east side of the lake is a village with the characteristic atmosphere of alleys, typical architecture of the area and a little dock and in the inlet of the lakefront there are some nice pebble beaches that are very appreciated, especially the well equipped town beach, situated after the mouth of river Mera.

From Mandello you can reach in more or less three hours the Pian dei Resinelli, while the climb up to the Grigne is more tiring.