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Welcome to Laglio,

little village with less than a thousand of inhabitants, situated at north of Cernobbio, on the western shore of Lake Como, Laglio has become famous thanks to its latest celebrity resident, George Clooney, that has bought a villa here and often spends his holidays here.

Laglio is a charming and quiet village, stretched out along the coast, where silence, light and scents are protagonists of your walks and rides in bicycle. At the back of the village, forests spread out on the slopes of Monte Colmegnone (1383m).

Between the tiny villages of Torriggia and Careno, the lake tightens up so much that the villages on the opposite shore look so near, this point represents the deepest point of the Lario (420m). At Torriggia you can explore the cave “The bear’s hole” (Buco dell’Orso).

At the beginning of the 20th century, Laglio formed an only commune with Brienno, a medieval village worth a visit, situated only a few kilometres north of Laglio. Nearby we find another pretty village, Carate Urio, that has a remarkable layout with old houses made out of stoned caverns.